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FAQ Section
What are the Snorflers made of?
Each Snorfler is carefully hand knit by an artisan in Peru using premium 100% cotton yarn. This is not an overnight process- it takes time. Once knit Yes you may wash them on gentle cycle in the washer, but we recommend hand washing them. Snorfler is then stuffed with hypoallergenic stuffing to ensure they are as safe as possible for the little ones.
Are Snorflers able to be washed?
Yes Snorflers may wash in a washing machine on gentle cycle. Yet, we recommend hand washing them.
Have the Snorflers passed safety testing?
Yes, each Snorfler animal meets or exceeds the United States and Canadian safety requirements for newborn and children’s toys. We sent it off to a 3rd party facility where they tested the Snorflers for any toxic metals, materials etc. They passed the tests and were then certified to be safe for little ones.
Can Snorflers be a chocking hazard for children? 
We have ensured that the Snorflers are hand knit with high quality products. All parts of Snorflers are securely attached and safe for children play. Regardless, we strongly encourage adults to watch children carefully to ensure they are safe at all times.
How do Snorflers and the Snorfler Notebooks work?
The fact that Snorflers come with Snorfler Notebooks are what makes the Snorfler brand so unique. Many people have mentioned that Snorfler is like "elf on the shelf, but year round." When you purchase a Snorfler you will receive a hand-knit Snorfler and a Snorfler Notebook (to keep track of Snorfler Points). Your children will then glue Snorfler Points into their notebook as they collect them!
How can I leave my kids Snorfler Points?
Children can collect Snorfler points through-out the week by their parents leaving them around their room as notes for children to find. For example- You can leave a note on their bed giving them 3 Snorfler Points for a clean room. We have provided you with pre-filled Snorfler Point notes to easily cut and "hide" in your kids room for ease. Or you can fill them in yourself. You can also use charts (chore/reading/potty training) to encourage kids to collect more Snorfler Points.
How does the members page work to download unlimited PDFs?
The members page is accessible with a monthly subscription service of $4.99. It  gives you access to unlimited downloads of all of our charts and Snorfler Point documents plus bonus items like coloring pages. It allows Snorfler to be used in many different ways. 
What if I don't want to use the Notebook for Snorfler Points?
The great thing with the Snorfler Notebook is that it is blank pages. If you don't want to use it for Snorfler Points, you can use it as a scrapbook to document photos as your child grows with their Snorfler. You can also allow your kid to use it as a journal or drawing page. Or you can use it for all of those combined plus notes they find. It is completely up to you!
What do my children do with their Snorfler Points that they collect?
You and your child will want to sit down and discuss a goal or reward that they will receive after they have collected a certain amount of Snorfler Points. This is a great time to connect with your child and learn more about their interests.
Is Snorfler a non-profit organization?
No, Snorfler is a for-profit company with the desire to give back as much as possible. We believe that every step of the production can be used for good by providing livable wages to the Artisans that knit Snorflers, giving children who purchase a Snorfler an animal that they can love and then giving back profits to provide clean water to others all over the world.
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