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As the years have passed, Jen always knew she wanted to bring Snorfler to every kid. In January of 2021, Jen decided to get a prototype made of this imaginary drawn up Snorfler character her mom always used by a lady in Argentina. Her mom, Shelle, then used the prototype with one of her students, Brady, at school that didn't want to read. Now Brady won't put books down and he takes his Snorfler everywhere with him. Brady named his Snorfler "Manny" and that is exactly why our original Snorfler on our site is named Manny. After Jen saw how much even students in school loved Snorfler, she decided to bring Snorfler to every teacher, parent and kid to help them learn. The Snorfler Kit was created!


Jen hopes Snorfler Kits help parents and kids connect and help them enjoy learning together. Just like it did for Jen as a child. Jen is currently a full-time cargo pilot in the Air Force and hopes to help her mom's creativity change the world. 

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